Op-Ed: Common Core guidelines make sense

The following op-ed was published on Sept. 21, 2014, by the Monterey Herald.

Our alumni’s growing impact

When the California State University system did a campus-by-campus economic impact study in 2010, it showed that more than $97 million of the earnings by Cal State Monterey Bay alumni are attributable to their degrees.

The report said those earnings create an additional $391 million of economic activity throughout the state.

Of course, four years and four ever-larger graduating classes later, both those numbers would be far higher.

2014 President's State of the University address

I would like to welcome all of you in our audience today as we begin the 2014-15 academic year.

This is an exciting time, because of the students who are beginning their college careers and those who are returning and because of the great possibilities that lie ahead of us here at Cal State Monterey Bay.

CSUMB remembers a long-time friend: Bob Antle, 1935-2014

CSUMB remembers a long-time friend

Bob Antle, Nov. 10, 1935 – August 3, 2014

   Bob Antle and President Eduardo Ochoa

A Busy Summer

For anyone who has spent the summer away from campus, you should know that a lot has happened. With our annual Day of Welcome less than four weeks away, I would like to take this opportunity to bring you all up to date on a busy summer.

Enrollment Outlook

After years of cutbacks throughout the Cal State system, it is good now to be seeing clear signs of growth and progress.

Nowhere is that more evident than here at Cal State Monterey Bay, as we look ahead to enrollment growth for fall and in the years ahead.

Season of Celebrations

Commencement season is always a celebratory time on a college campus. Seniors, their families and friends celebrate graduation; the rest of our students celebrate the arrival of summer, and faculty and staff celebrate the chance to take a few deep breaths at the end of another hectic academic year.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to address the Presidential Fellows gathering in the Alumni and Visitors Center. That was a different sort of celebration.

Our Website Redesign

The rise of the Internet as the predominant way we gather, share and transmit information means that a strong website is absolutely vital for any university.

Fortunately, Cal State Monterey Bay has an outstanding information technology team, which is now in the midst of a website redesign for the university.

The current website is the product of a 2010 redesign. Given the fast pace of change in how people use the web – specifically the increased use of mobile devices to access the Internet – it is time to make changes.

Earth Week

This has been Earth Week around our campus as a number of activities have focused on the importance of our shared role as environmental stewards of this beautiful region.

Of course, the true test of our resolve to promote sustainable practices is measured by what we do for 52 weeks of every year. In that regard, I continue to be proud of the environmental leadership shown by so many faculty, staff and students around our campus.

A New Academic Structure

Our plans for growing our university in the years to come depend on having the right infrastructure in place to accommodate that growth. Part of that is physical infrastructure –classrooms, offices, residence halls, etc. An equally important aspect is academic infrastructure, an organization that will provide a suitable foundation for our core academic mission going forward.

The university-wide conversation on our academic organization, led by Interim Provost Julio Blanco, has yielded a structure that I believe will serve us well in the years ahead.